Monday, August 19, 2013

REVIEW: Cloud Boat - Book Of Hours

8 out of 10
Find it here. 

Is it me or does Cloud Boat sound like all the best parts of James Blake mixed with sparse acoustics that bring to mind José González and/or Jeff Buckley?

Now that I have your attention, Cloud Boat's debut LP 'Book Of Hours' is not to be missed this year, you will see this record on many year-end lists, it is that good. Although maybe not a "house hold" name yet, Cloud Boat are sure to be something really important towards the right direction in Progressive Modern Electronica. I'll admit there are more and more "Indie" bands these days dabbling in R & B, but none match the production skills of this group. On top of really slick productions the compositions & track arrangements are sublime. Tracks like "Youthern" and "Bastion" display Cloud Boat's more Soulful-sincere side, I could listen to music like this almost all the time*. (*especially during rainfall). While tracks like "Amber Road" and "Pink Grin II" make you think there's a dark side to this duo as well*. You should will fall in-love with 'Book Of Hours', I know you will/already have. "Somber, delicate, hereafter-chill" is the vibe, and the vibe is sustained/satisfied by every kind of sound that you could possibly want to hear (whilst chilln'). I can only imagine how much more amazing Cloud Boat will get over the years, as this debut is almost too perfect to top.. (Good luck CB;])

Just relax man everything is gonna be fine n' stuff Recommended.

Standout Tracks: All esp; Youthern, Bastion (yum), Amber Road

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