Monday, May 6, 2013

REVIEW: Julia Kent - Character

7 out of 10

I haven't really been following Julia Kent since the beginning of her career, in-fact I didn't even get into her work into her last full length 'Green And Grey', which blew me away. 'G & G' is nearly flawless, it's got just the right amount of "precious meets dark & dramatic". Since then (2011) I believe Ms. Kent has only released an EP and been touring non-stop.

On her follow up to 'Green And Grey' (Ms. Kent's third LP) 'Character', Julia brings us into her world with an ominous-melancholy droney string layer. From there the music transcends into playful pluckings, menacing bass lines, airy/minimal string chords, and a few mournful sounds as well. The main shift of sound from this album to the last is a stronger focus on the Classical element. I felt her previous work was a bit more Electronic/Neo Classical, on this one her main focus seems to be on Strings. Don't get me wrong, this "shift in sound" is welcomed, just don't expect too many Electronics (although, there still are some). 'Character' is actually quite a stunning piece of work, the strong focus on string experimentation is gorgeous (simple and minimal with more than enough "character";), and the overall ambiance is just as much intense as it is relaxing.

I dig it, but I'm a sucker for melodramatic strings with a few minimal Electronic landscapes..

Standout Tracks: Tourbillon, Fall, Only Child, Salute

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