Monday, May 27, 2013

REVIEW: Adventure - Weird Work

7.25 out of 10

It was only 2 years ago that Benny Boeldt (Adventure) released 'Lesser Known'. I thought still think that album is pretty catchy, unfortunately it went "slightly unnoticed" (I didn't hear enough about it anyways). That same year I had the luck of seeing Adventure open for Toro Y Moi (terrific show BTW) and their live set was pretty amazing. It definitely gave me a stronger respect level for the craft work that goes into making some of Adventure's beats. It's so hard to tell who's "all computers" these days and who still uses external (3D/real-life) hardware, Adventure is the real deal.

On 'Weird Work' Adventure directs us through a dense-mysterious audial jungle seeping in Ambient IDM/Machine-esque Dance music. The transition from his last album to this "makes sense", but I am still quite shocked from the difference in-tones. 'Lesser Known' was more warm Indie-Electronic, whereas 'Weird Work' is good/honest IDM music with a certain "Lo-Fi" quality that I just love. To put it simply; you know those $h!%%y DVD players called 'Apex'? Add an "h" somewhere in there, have two of the same exact thing that were manufactured at the same exact time and that's what this album reminds me of. There's something sincere about simple-effective mechanics that really goes over well between my headphones.

(I) (D)on't (M)ind music like this at all..

Standout Tracks: Days Off, Flower, Alone (songs like these made me wish I has synesthesia), Constantly, Catching Up, Happiness (indeed)

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