Saturday, May 4, 2013

REVIEW: Baths - Obsidian

9.75 out of 10

In-case you missed it, I'm obsessed with Baths, I love everything Will Wiesenfeld is involved in. From his Ambient project Geotic, to his pre-Baths Indie Electronic Ambient Pop project [Post-Foetus], to all the remixes hes done as well as all collabs hes been apart of, ALL of it. I love the infinite amount of emotions and sounds that blossom and evolve upon multiple listens of Will's entire body of work. To say the very least, I was/still am pretty excited for 'Obsidian' (possibly my personal biggest hype of the year) and (guess what?) I'm not let down either. I've listened to the album over 15 times in one week (at least).. still coming back to it, and having this burning desire to listen to it over and over again once it immediately ends.

Before this album came out I heard a couple snippets as well as few mini reviews, Mr. Baths actually said something along the lines of "his most Pop accessible release to date", in some ways that it true. But it's hard for ominous/Experimental Electronic music to mix properly with that concept sometimes and I definitely feel much of 'Obsidian' has it's dark side (with a glimmer of hope I suppose). So, in that sense I feel it's not fair to just lump this album in with all the other "Indie Pop" albums. No one out there sounds like Baths in my opinion. On 'Obsidian' the beats are better than they've ever been (I'm sure Jimmy appreciates some of these sounds;), the vocals are just sooo much more amazing (somehow possibly stronger & better than before), and the overall composition of each track is truly ear orgasmic. I love every element of everything on this release. Seriously, I can admit it, isn't it about time you did too? Stop pretending you're not obsessed with Baths.

Is this Baths best album? That's personal. All I can tell you is that this album is utterly essential to any person who's ever had an interest in intelligent "Bedroom Electronica". HIGHLY "I'll buy your copy from you if you don't like it." RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: ALL (especially) Iron Works (one of the shining examples of what Will can do with his truly unique/amazing vocal talent, also the layers of melodies in, Incompatible, No Eyes (quite possibly has my vote for the catchiest song of the year.), No Past Lives (woah.), Earth Death (holy wow, this is going to sound AMAZING live!)

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