Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quality Mixtape find..

Intro/Side Note: Personally I am "pleased" with the new Daft Punk album. It's a lot more chill which is something I wasn't expecting at all, but I really love slow jams, so I'm down. My main problem with this release is the amount of guest musicians.. (too many). That and the fact that the first half is really tight and completely conceptual, but I think it (both the narration and tone of jam) sort of looses focus towards the middle/end. I love the track with Panda Bear, but it doesn't sound like Daft Punk with Panda Bear it sounds like PANDA BEAR with daft punk. Great track, just not what I was hoping for. So there are definitely some qualities about this release that don't go over well with me, but overall I think its waay better than their last regular LP, and I think I may have found a new favorite Daft Punk Jam.

With that being said, perhaps you wanted something more "fun & upbeat".. You were looking for the "party side" of Daft Punk weren't you? Well.. try this one out:

Pretty awesome right?

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