Monday, May 13, 2013

REVIEW: Deadbeat Synesthete - I Dream Of Graphemes

7.25 out of 10

A lot of us fell hard for Neon Indian's sound when it first surfaced. There have been countless acts trying to rip his sound off (most of them not even trying to sound original at all) + there have been tons of spin off sounds that have resorted because of Alan (NI) and.. I'm (for the most part (and have been) over them. With the warmer season here, my brain is urging me to reconsider/be a little more lenient now.. With that said there are exceptions to this rule. Is it the right season? And of course; it's one thing if you're just going to rip off another persons sound, it's another if you pay homage while keeping some originality of your own in the mix. Deadbeat Synesthete is here to deliver the goods, Steve (DS) has officially renewed my faith in Glo-Fi Chill Wave.

There are a range of genres on "I Dream Of Graphemes"; from Glo-Fi to Chill Wave to Space Pop to 80's Electro to Dark Synth Pop to Chip-Tune to everything in-between, overall an excellent use of synthesizers if you ask me.  In-fact, when Deadbeat Synesthete's "debut" LP starts off you may think you're in for an Indie Acoustic Lo-Fi release of some sort, ..just hold on. In-fact the intro to this album is quite the parallel juxtaposition for the rest of "I Dream Of Graphemes" sound. When track two begins you're throttled face-first into a rocket powered sound heading straight through a galaxy of bizarre colors and playful sounds. Once you reach your destination, track 3, you are immediately swarmed by warming pixelated-martian bleeps. Soon apathetic/seductive vocals (as if being played on a radio in the background of the galaxy somewhere far far away) come in, and then (if you're not already in Space bliss) a few guitar riffs which are layered perfectly with some simple-effective drum beats come in. Some songs are instrumental and some are with vocals, they all flow perfectly together. Nothing too evasive, mostly laid back, great for warm weather, Space-Synth Nerds rejoice. I promise you there is at least 2-3 tracks on here that you're gonna love.

Not bad for a Neuroscience major..

Standout Tracks: Summergone, Cubic Zirconias, Red Dawn (yum), Megalove, Tides, Nobody, On And On, Cobweb Hotel

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