Monday, May 20, 2013

REVIEW: André Obin - The Arsonist

7 out of 10

Not being on a press list I may have passed this album over thinking it's probably just "another House" act.. Being on a press list however I receive random albums from a vast array of artists that may (or may not:() be up my ally, but being kind enough to send me anything I will give it (anything) a go at least twice. Guys like André and I could probably actually chat it up a bit judging by his influences (somewhere between Depeche Mode and My Bloody Valentine). That being said.. Moments like these; when I receive music I know nothing about and it actually sounds pretty decent I cherish (A LOT). Open letter to press agents/bands everywhere; (Always) Feel free to send me quality music like this.

When 'The Arsonist' begins playing you may be reminded of Moby (you still like Moby right? You Should.), airy Synths/Vocoder FX with a 4-count beat (your "standard" catchy sound). As the "intro" track fades out more synths fade back in to something a little more Dreamy meets gravity defying. Then the bass comes in, oh my the bass, very gloomy & mopy with the perfect kick/snare combo. André's voice on top of all this goodness is equally as pitch-perfect/pure ear crack as well. Do yourself one favor at least and listen to "Blue Powder" (send me a virtual high five later;). To re-iterate, this isn't a House Record, it's not even "Dance" really, it's Downer Synth Pop if anything, not to say that there aren't uplifting moments though. The sound's found on 'The Arsonist' fall somewhere between Home Video, M83, (vintage) Deadsy (I know, weird comparison but..), 80's Synth Pop, DFA, Outout (RIP), and Sexy Club music. I think from some of the keywords I mentioned above you can safely assume that this album is perfect for midnight driving to nowhere.

Just because you're at a club doesn't mean you can't be mopey (and still enjoy yourself).

Standout Tracks: Blue Powder, Soft Rain, Enjoy (~njoy.;)

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