Monday, November 19, 2012

REVIEW: Slow Head - Fire Is The Mouth Of The Snake

7.5 out of 10

Although Slow Head (and his many other monikers) has been at it for a bit now I really didn't come across his music until last year's (super overlooked/underrated) 'Night Glitters' release.

First things first, although the artist is on the label/powerhouse-conveyor of awesome underground Dark/Experimental music; Disaro, Slow Head is NOT Drag, Slow Head is also NOT Witch House. Upon first listening of some his older material you might think this (in a way--and still maybe..idk?), but really his sound (to me) can be best described as "Spooky IDM". On 'Fire Is The Mouth Of The Snake' Mr. Head ventures a little further away from the spooky aspect though and explores head-tripped/hallucinating drugged-out Clubbier vibes instead. To be honest, this release sounds pretty much polar opposite of 'Night Glitters' (which I kinda wish wasn't the case (sometimes--I also love it though), but I'm happy that he's open to new ideas). Take a stripped down Clark album, mix it with a dash of Aphex Twin's earlier Ambient works add a few extra Dark tones and "Fire Is The Mouth Of The Snake" might be your end result. I actually really like the simple/minimal vibe of this release. And based on the differences in tones (from beginning to now) I feel like we've got a few more awesome albums like this (and better) coming to us..(very soon?)

Chill/Dark IDM , what's not to like about that?

Standout Tracks:The Pearl (this reminds me of the "golden era" Warp sounds), Fire Is The Mouth, Plumed Serpent, Jade Tongue, Twelve Macaw (Shisa Remix), Alt. Mode (Slow Head Remix)

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