Monday, November 12, 2012

REVIEW: Martin Eden - Dedicate Function

8 out of 10

Back in 2010 Matthew Cooper surprised me with his (then-current) Eluvium (working on a new one as I type this) album. In-fact, it was the best thing I heard all year. Since that time (somewhere in-between then and now) Matthew decided it was time he made an Electronic album under the alias "Martin Eden". So how does it compare? Well..

First thing you should know about Mr. Cooper's body of work is that it IS competently lush & serene. His music forces the listener to fall into an audial catalepsy. Like a dream induced Eno album under a glaze of despondent hope. Knowing that you may/can have a general idea of what to expect from Martin Eden's debut Lefse Record release 'Dedicate Function'. There is a bit of a difference in style though, with "Martin's work" expect a stronger focus on late night industry grind mixed with a hint of Neo Futuristic fated sound. Do I like Martin Eden more than Eluivium? Maybe not, but I do love this album. I love the range of sound that it shows Matthew can work with, while still sounding like it comes from the same individual. Picture yourself on a train in the middle of nowhere, on said train you have the ability to control time, as fast or as slow as you'd wish. Have fun/play it safe, and most importantly bring this album with you (syncopation is important). This album reminds me of two different artists (besides Eluvium); 1. Fields for it's repetitive/trance-like beats, and 2. M83 (the first album/maybe second one too) for it's dramatic/monstrous use of layered synthesizers. These two sounds together (plus a few other hidden sounds) create a somewhat unique project that can be best described as well.. really awesome.

Recommended for fans of of anti-silence.

Standout Tracks: Short Cut, Verions, Etc_etc, Hum (LOVE this track), Return Life

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