Monday, November 5, 2012

EIC's 10Q's w/ Jacober

"..actualizing animated/contrasting Pop atmospheres.." 

Clamor Pop Anomaly

Jacober Bio:
Jacober is the solo project of a busy Baltimore soul - a force that drums for Dope Body (Drag City) and the Dan Deacon ensemble (Domino), and also makes up half of Holy Ghost Party (GenPop).  Water Karaoke is Jacober's first collection of weird pop music, an introspective adventure through the things you tend to fascinate over when you're not moving at full speed. The album features recordings from the past three years that Jacober has been working on with some help from Dan Frome. It was mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman, and comes packaged with art by Beth Hoeckel and layout by Chris Day.  "Water Karaoke is my idea of meditation in the form of lush, textural pop jams." - Dave Jacober

Hello, how are you?
Hello. I am well.

What are you currently listening to?
I am currently listening to a lot of main stream Hip Hop because I am so into the futuristic production that's going on right now. I recently got a used car and unfortunately my nephew put a nickel in the CD player. There is no 1/8" jack, so I'm stuck with the radio. My new favorite is Juicy J, feat Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, "Bandz A Make Her Dance". Other than listening to the radio while driving, I've been mainly working on new stuff for Dope Body, Holy Ghost Party and my solo stuff.

Care to tell us about your recent release ..overall theme, how it came about, were there any snags, etc.?
'Water Karaoke' is my first shot at capturing my own voice as a singular, musical entity. I've been writing, recording, mixing and working on songs since I was about 17 and I finally got around to releasing something earlier this year. This was the first time I really had a group of material that I was proud enough to stand behind as a physical release, as well as in a live performance realm.  I can only say that it came about naturally, very gradually and that the only snag was a lack of consistent periods of time to work on material. It had to be spread out over a few years between all the other stuff I had going on.
As for an overall theme, it's a washed up lounge singer dressed in a tux, mid performance, staring deeply into a pile of spilled green and blue glitter (with a pound of melting butter on top) which someone had been saving up for years but suddenly felt the need to pour out onto the floor in front of the performer. Almost just to see what he would do, or if he'd get in trouble. Lounge man doesn't stop singing, but smiles and winks.

Do you have a favorite track from said release?
Its a toss up between "BUTTER" and "Arrest" for my favorite track on the album.

Will you be touring for this release?
I currently have no plans to tour for this release but I do have a few Baltimore shows coming up that I'm stoked for.. I'd love to tour for this release sometime in the future, but by the time I get around to it I hope to have another release out anyway.

Got any other/new side projects we should know about?
There are no other side projects that I am working on right now. This is it. Dope Body and Holy Ghost Party take up most of my time.

Got any strange or absurd talents (besides being a musical prodigy;)?
Thanks for the kind works! I don't have any strange talents other than music, but I am a great bartender!  I like to make signature cocktails, sir.

If you could  re-score any movie or TV show of your choice what would you choose and why?
 Good question! This is a tricky question because I can't separate my favorite movies/TV shows from their soundtracks you know?  They work together to make complete visual/musical packages. I'd love to get into scoring films though, and I actually would like to re-score HBO's The Wire. I love the theme song, but I've got some beats that would go well with some of the murder scenes.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
One album for the rest of time:  probably 'The White Album'. Hope it never comes to that though.

Are you living your dream?
Yes, I am living my dream. It's just that dreams aren't always what they seem.

Thanx David!

Jacober is currently ..hmmm-actually, I'm not sure. Does anyone know what Jacober is up to these days?

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