Monday, November 5, 2012

REVIEW: Jacober - Water Karaoke

8 out of 10

Here's (yet another) album I never got around to talking about until months after it came out. (Baltimore native) Jacober's debut release 'Water Karaoke' came out in March via Friends Records and since then (ok maybe a few days off) this album has been on constant rotation in my office. 'Water Karaoke' is more than just a promising debut though, it's a strange and fantastic peake into an interesting characters saga..

'Water Karaoke' may begin with a faint/silent hum, but before you know it becomes doused in a bath of Psych Pop weirdness. (David) Jacober has a terrific way of mixing the out there with the right here. Just look at the album cover, it somehow speaks miles for the music. This album is filled with plenty of catchy piano melodies/compositions, nice guitar hooks, and fantastic drumming. Jacober fully utilizes these sounds actualizing animated/contrasting Pop atmospheres that somehow complement each other when placed next to each other correctly. It's a bizarre release, with some catchy moments that I think any music listener (w/good taste) could thoroughly enjoy/jam out to. My hats off to you Mr. Jacober, what's next? (I'm ready.)

Jacober's sound is unique, I don't want to compare it to anything else. I like oddities, don't you? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: Arrest, Butter (MOAR.), Whatever It Is, Jobman

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