Monday, November 26, 2012

REVIEW: Vinyl Williams - Lemniscate

8 out of 10

Although Vinyl Williams has been at it for a few years now, 'Lemniscate' is the band's "official (regular line up) debut". Somewhere between bizarre Psych Rock and "Experimental Gaze" Vinyl Williams' sound is something your body needs and your spirit feels.

I could just cut this review short by telling you to pay attention to the cover art.. That seems like the best way to describe this album. But for shoots and googles I'll elaborate a bit more. 'Lemniscate' starts off with a very bizarre intro, "Tokyo -> Sumatra", immediately you will think you're in for something weird, hang in there though the ride is just starting. Once track 2 (the album's first single I believe) "Higher Worlds" comes in you will become instantly hooked. This track sort of reminds me of Primal Scream ..kinda. But much more psychedelic with a stronger sense of bending/manipulating psychedelic space. Seriously track 2, yum. Honestly the tracks just keep getting better and better as you go along, the flow is very balanced between slight toe tapping, and comfy head nodding. 'Lemniscate' is one of those "sounds better as a whole" albums, I can't imagine myself just wanting to listen to just one of these tracks without hearing the rest. It's fair to say Mr. Williams has something unique going on here, you will hear elements/styles you recognize, but not the way it's presented here.

'Lemniscate' blurs the line between beauty, transcendentalism, future thinking distortions, and Space Gaze Jamming. Just check it (you won't regret it).

Standout Tracks: Higher Worlds, Stellar Scope (like your inside a kaleidoscope), Inner Space, Open Your Mind, Harmonious Change (Bonus Track)

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