Saturday, January 21, 2012

REVIEW: Errors - Have Some Faith In Magic

7.5 out of 10
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"Post-Electro". It's the label of the music Errors seems to so closely mirror, whether as a conscious effort of the band or not. But while many would fear subscription to the image of "Post-Electro", this Glasgow-based quartet in their seven years of existence have proven the depth of a genre too often underestimated. Every work of theirs is a fresh reminder that styles with the prefix "Post" these days don't always mean susceptibility to formula.

Errors's third album, 'Have Some Faith in Magic', is the product of none other than Rock Action Records. It seems logical for the Mogwai-ran label to foster a band like Errors, because in the ten tracks constructing their latest work, Errors finds themselves exploring as many styles as does their label. “Tusk” opens the album with a taste of blissed-out trance beats until a sonic flurry throws the listener into an epic world of heavy guitars and glistening synths. “Earthscore” pummels with tribal percussion and "Battles-esque" programmed vocals. “Blank Media” takes you back twenty-years with the dreamy guitar style of Pale Saints before mimicking the electronic melodrama and shine of M83. “Canon” parodies Errors's own curious brand of dance music as a slowed-down, minimal version of itself. However, nothing prepares the listener for “Holus Bolus.” It closes the album on the highest of notes: an anthem combining all of the band's spirits into one powerful and melodic ride.

Highly recommended. The newest full length from Errors proves that constant exploration still remains in their bloodstream. Don't let the stereotype of "Post-Electro" – or "Post-Rock" for that matter – hold you down. Stay loyal to the album's name, and "have faith in some magic" that a band's sonic pursuits can defy expectations and thrill the mind. Hear for yourself how Errors once again have proven themselves to be one of the most spellbinding acts in their field.

Standout Tracks: Magna Encarta, Earthscore, Barton Spring, Holus Bolus

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