Monday, January 16, 2012

REVIEW: Charalambides - Exile

7.5 out of 10

Hey look, another Kranky review on EverythingIsChemical! Yay! I knew you were having withdrawals.. So, here it is; Charalambides' newest LP 'Exile', which is another (yes, another) notch in Kranky's "sexy audial bedpost".

'Exile' starts reeeeal slow, plucked acoustics slowly fiddled to minimal "reverbial" ambiance, eventually the plucks become more consistent and "obviously laying the tone" for whats about to come.. The bass slowly comes in, creating an "even more bleak" atmosphere, and that's when Christina comes in. Sultry/somewhat smokey and adorable vocals (almost) gives Charalambides all the structure it needs, it is the gorgeous link between Tom's "perverse western atmospheres", and the fine tuning of a Space Folk Opera (that's a thing). The whole album is very droney and proper for the Kranky catalog, if you know that sound you probably already got this album a while back. If you are still unaware of Kranky, STOP coming here, this blog is obviously pointless to you.

Almost 20 years later (yeah, they've been doing this for a while) Charalambides are still breath taking. If you're into desolate western tinged Pastoral Folk-Space bliss (ala Kranky). Recommended for those with hearing.

Standout Tracks: Before You Go, Immovable, Into The Earth (this is relaxing.), Pity Pity Me (so delicate), Words Inside (is my brain melting?)

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