Monday, January 9, 2012

REVIEW: Young Man - Ideas Of Distance

8.5 out of 10

I (probably like many of you out there) jumped on the Young Man band wagon once Mr. Cox made notice of Colin's impressive ("debut/cover") of "Rainwater Cassette". I loved what I heard and I could definitely tell there was a future in this artists career. To be honest, Young Man reminded me A LOT of Atlas Sound (whom you all know I love so very much), only slightly more doleful (these days anyways) and a little more "submissive".

Much like Bradford Cox, Colin Caulfield (Young Man) carries the Lo-Fi Bedroom aesthetics to a "next level", but there are also Grizzly Bear influences there too, which to me almost makes it "Anti-Bedroom (that's a thing I'm pretty sure)" due to all of the over the top lush/perfectly recorded arrangements. No matter what, if you like either of those artists you're most certainly in for a treat with Young Man's debut LP. "Ideas Of Distance" continues where "Boy" left off, it has matured, but the same clean & endearing vocals float and sway in between plucked guitar chords, gorgeous string arrangements, a few "white noises", and a little piano/organ work here and there. It's captivating simplicity to it's core, and that's nice sometimes.

Unlike Atlas Sound (whom I believe became/is becoming more "Pop" oriented) and Grizzly Bear (whom I believe have always been "this close" to releasing something truly meaningful), Young Man preferred something so much more sincere and laid back ..he shoots, he scores. HIGHLY Recommended.

Standout Tracks: A-L-L. Enough, Low, Only You (going for Jeff Buckley's "a capella gold standard"--soo good), Felt

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