Monday, January 30, 2012

REVIEW: S.C.U.M. - Again Into Eyes

8 out 0f 10

The debut album by S.C.U.M. is exactly everything you (should be) looking for when it comes to Dark/Moapy (semi-electronic) "Rock sounds". "Rock" may not be the best terminology to use when it comes to describing S.C.U.M.'s sound, so how's about this; (and I'm sure they've heard these comparisons somewhere before--sorry) mix Interpol with The Horrors, there you have it:) I know, I know, I'm really behind on reviewing this one, it's been out for a while. In-fact, it already made it's way onto my year-end list, but I couldn't sleep right knowing I hadn't said just a little bit more about it..

'Again Into Eyes' starts off with a distant "chimey/Xmas like" bell/synth slowly fading into Thomas Cohen's "signature vocals (super reminiscent to previous mentioned bands/maybe a modern day Ian Curtis?--I like his vocals A LOT actually) followed shortly by some "psychedelic-esque" bass lines, humming synthesizers/piano chords, and reverby/washed out guitar riffs. Before you know an entire "epic stadium-sized" Rock Anthem has evolved before your ears. Don't start throwing your fist in the air quite yet, the band is just getting started, "Cast Into Seasons" is a modern day Gothic masterpiece, the mood is grim the tone is bleak. What's this? S.C.U.M. like to experiment with their sound a little bit? It's not just about looking good on stage and being monotonous? S.C.U.M. are/seem to be about self indulging in your darkest moods and exploring every direction they can possibly take you.. Or maybe, it's whatever it makes you feel.. 'Again Into Eyes' has it's fair share of both the light and dark, all very easy to follow/swallow assuming you're in a "Rockier" mood. Me, being the person I am, I tend to grasp onto the darker parts of this release. Either way though, give 'em a go (especially if you like "Gloom Pop")..

I absolutely adore this project. This is everything I wanted Interpol to be but weren't "dark or experimental" enough to pull off. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (#53/100 2011)

Standout Tracks: Cast Into Seasons, Sentinal Bloom (such a great build up), Paris (perfectionner)

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