Monday, January 23, 2012

REVIEW: White Sea - This Frontier

7 out of 10

I'll be honest I don't know if I can avoid the inevitable here, I will reference M83 in this review, hopefully you're OK with this? Because, much like the rest of the world, I wasn't really familiar with Morgan Kibby until she joined M83/wrote a good portion of 'Saturdays = Youth'. (Of course) When I found out that the keyboardist from M83 had her own project I dropped everything I was doing and went on a hunt.. and (of course) I'm hooked/love it/need more NOW.

White Sea is definitely "different" from M83, but you'll still hear/feel the connection.
Her music is a little more "dreary and desolate" (only in a few parts), it's also somewhat 'Poppier' (and kind of "dancey" too) but a little less "epic synth" driven (still synthy though). Ms. Kibby's music flows between Romantic Dreamy Pop sounds to club-like Dance tracks (almost "Goldfrappy"), to "slow and rustic". On her debut release Morgan shows us a wide range of styles that indeed do play off of each other well. It's a little short, but impressive none the less, I just hopeknow on her debut full length she will bring this EP to the "next level"..

recomMendedx83. A VERY STRONG debut indeed. (Oh! also check out the remix companion..)

Standout Tracks: Cannibal Love (would fit quite nicely on a SVIIB album), Mountaineer (sounds like another band shes in towards the end;)

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