Wednesday, February 17, 2010

REVIEW: Jj - Nº 3

8 out of 10

Jj are a relatively new band, "Nº 3" is their third album (second full length) and it came out only a year after the first LP. Some of the things I worry about when bands release albums so close together are; Will there be a lack of "quality sound structures"? Will it just be left over tracks? Will it not be as "original"? With "Nº 3" I am reminded of why I like this band so much, their version of Balearic Dub mixed with Nu-Age electronics make me feel so comfortable and at peace with everything around me, their strong productions are something to be admired, and with this album there are even a few songs that seem to go in new-ish directions. I don't feel as if any of these tracks are fillers or left-overs, the quality is still there, and the originality is just as strong as it was before. Lot's of equatorial rewards await you once you finally get your headphones around it, and if you're taste is anything like mine you will be playing it back to back to back to back to back to etc.

The first track on "Nº 3" is a slower piano ballad which seems a bit out of place with first listen, but after you hear it enough you can't imagine a better opener. After the opener the "Jj-isms" begin; light-hearted/beautiful female vocals tuck you in and hug you with the warmth of an atomic heat wave while keyboards create beautiful string sounds, whimsical synth melodies, and a few other tropical atmospheres. Each song on this album nearly sounds different from the other, cohesive but the mood goes from sad, to beachy, to serious, to silly. This is exactly how I would want Jj to "evolve" from their last album, not much different, but still unique and relaxed. If you live in a cold environment like I do this is the heat wave you have been waiting for, someone please pass the sunscreen?

Fans of Jj, this is a no-brainer, buy the album now. If you haven't heard Jj, please do your ears a favor and give them the stoic sabbatical they deserve. RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: All. If I had to be picky; Let Go, Light, Voi Parlate Lo Gioco, You Know

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