Monday, February 8, 2010

EIC'S10Q'S w/Taxi Taxi!

" of gorgeous piano melodies, beautifully plucked string instruments, accordions, and out of this world/gorgeous female vocal harmonizing will fall in love quite easily.."

Taxi Taxi!
Tender Effeminate Ethnomusicology

Taxi Taxi! Bio:
Taxi Taxi! are twins, Miriam Eriksson Berhan and Johanna Eriksson Berhan from Stockholm, Sweden. They write brilliant songs and sing them out so mesmerizingly sweet, that it is hard to believe these two remarkable girls were born not before 1990.On the basis of just two demos (made public via the Internet) they have made many friends all around Sweden and Denmark and have already performed at such festivals as Roskilde and Hultsfred Festival. Their debut self-titled ep was released in Spring of 2007 (in collaboration with producer Björn Yttling from Peter, Björn and John) on Rumraket.

Hello, how are you?
J: Very well, thank you! I'm at my favourite café here in Stockholm. It's called Louie Louie.
It feels good to be back home again after two months on the road.
M: Hejhej! I'm good. I just got a new job! Besides from music, I mean. I've been packing pills for sick and old people today. So I'm tired but happy, because I know that I will have some money on my bank account!!!

What are you currently listening to?
J: Right now; Lhasa De Sela, Fleet Foxes, a swedish band called Musette.
M: Right now, at the moment I'm writing this, I'm listening to Monsters of Folk. Before that; Nina Simone.

How long have you guys been writing music together?
J: I think we wrote our first song together when we were about 9...
But at the age of like fourteen or something, it started to get serious.
I think the oldest song we still play live is from 2005.

What’s with the band name?
J: Everybody asks this, but we don't really have a good answer..! We created a MySpace page because we had recorded two songs at home, that we wanted to show to our friends. So we didn't really have a "band", it was more that we needed a name to our MySpace page. So, we chose Taxi Taxi! because Miriam had just recieved a post card from NY with taxi cabs on it... or something like that :)

Rasmus Stolberg from Efterklang manages your band right? Did he discover you, or did you introduce yourselves to him?
J: Efterklang emailed us on MySpace and said that they liked our music. We were so happy, because we really loved Efterklang already. And then, Rumraket (Efterklangs record label which they run themselves, through Rasmus) emailed us and asked if we wanted to release anything on their label. We said YES. We felt that we really could understand why he liked our music, and why he wanted to sign us. Because he really liked it, and we also liked the other bands on Rumraket and felt that we had something in common, I guess. And then it all became management as well :)

Peter Broderick covered the song “Belle” on your “Step Out Into The Light” EP, how did that idea come up?
J: I think it was Rasmus who came up with the idea about letting some one else cover one of our songs, and release it together with our song on the EP. We chose Peter Broderick because we love his music, and he also is a friend of ours. He chose to cover Belle, and he did a great job. The cover is better than the original.

What’s a song you wish you wrote?
M: No idea!

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
J: Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
M: I dooooooon't knooooooow.

Are you living your dream?
J: ... not yet!
M: Noo who could ever say they're living their dream? It says itself, that if something is really happening for your eyes, you can tell that's not your dream. But, I mean… in real life, or in my real life, I would say to sing, in any form, is the closest I could get to Dream in Life. D.I.L.

Thanx Johanna and Miriam!

Taxi Taxi! are currently touring Europe, listen to the song "Heart" and become insanely jealous over what we are missing...

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