Monday, February 8, 2010

REVIEW: Eluvium - Similes

8.75 out of 10

Eluvium is one of those projects that didn't quite "hit me" right away. The first album I got was "Talk Amongst The Trees" and, although it was a gorgeous Ambient-Indie Pop opus of sorts, it just didn't make me want to go out and complete the entire Eluvium collection. Now, nearly 5 years later and 6 albums into Matthew Cooper's (Eluvium) career I am finally ready to say I MUST own all things Eluvium. "Similes" is more sublime than the warmest sunset staining the widest spanned ocean surface that you could imagine, it's aqueous warmth, thought provoking compositions, and romantic qualities are enough to melt away any of your troubles after a long day. To say it is a "good" album just isn't not enough.

I know if you're reading this review you're probably thinking to yourself how many times can this guy reference Eno when it comes to music? Here's the deal, we all know Eno had a HUGE influence on any/all ambient music out there. On top of that he also had a huge influence on the mixing of Pop music with avant-garde/electronic soundscapes. I love electronic music, I love a good pop song, and any "ambient" album/track that has the ability to make me fall asleep and/or in-love is a-ok with me. So yes, I do refer to the "Godfather of Ambient music" quite a bit, but without a doubt Eluvium is the closest, I mean absolute closest thing I have heard when it comes to the many Eno comparisons. Mix Brian Eno's "Before And After Science" with Fennesz's "Black Sea" and you will get something like Eluvium's "Similes". "Smiles" is the product of submerged downbeat piano melodies, somber/melancholy vocals (that really do sound a lot like a young Eno), heavenly/sustained chords of synthesized beauty and a few other gorgeous layers of liquid noise drowning in a pool of despairing maudlinism. Not one song on this album is out of place, all of the tracks set the mood for warm rapture. Sit down with your favorite person, warmest blanket, and light some candles/burn some incense/do whatever it takes to become completely relaxed, you are about to become paralyzed with symphonic sincerity..

Go get this now, if you don't like it, I will buy your copy from you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: ALL. Leaves Eclipse The Lights, The Motion Makes Me Last, Weird Creatures, Cease To Know (perfect ender, could go on forever)

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