Monday, February 1, 2010

REVIEW: The Diogenes Club - 979

6.75 out of 10

The Diogenes Club are an appealing Indie Electronic project that utilize "club-like atmospheres" with propitious vocals & chill/futuristic sounding electronic accents. The "979" EP is their latest release, and much like it's predecessor is just as contemporary and catchy.

When reading up on these guys you may see the term "Shoegaze" mentioned a few times, I'm not sure if I agree with that exactly, but I do hear lots of rich atmospheres and layers of electronics, so I could see where "Nu Gaze" could be thrown around lightly. When listening to this EP I am reminded of The Postal Service (a lot), only if they were more "clubby"/maybe "New Wave-y" and added a few Junior Boys-esque intonations here and there. The vocals are pop/radio friendly, the beats are danceable, and the lush backgrounds are calm enough to take a nap to. My favorite track would have to be the album's opener/single "Tie Ourselves Around" for it's use of spacey synthesizers and simple rhythm section. Overall though, I don't really dislike any track present on this EP, it kept me interested from beginning to end track. If keyboards and computer beats mixed with "Indie" qualities is your thing you shold like this.

This is a nice/fun little EP, I could see why there are only positive things to be said about this project. I look forward to future releases from The Diogenes Club and, if the next full length is even half as good as this EP, I expect to see them on many year end lists.

Standout Tracks: Tie Ourselves Around, Tete

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