Monday, October 21, 2013

REVIEW: Midnight Davis - Severance

8 out of 10
Find it here. 

Midnight Davis is a consistently improving project from Chairman Kato. While the overall tone has remained unscathed in this evolutionary phase, the overall production and minor electronic experimentations have improved ten-fold.

'Severance' is the second release under the moniker Midnight Davis. On said album "Mr. Davis" has perfected the art of melding dark-ominous with shiny-futuristic. Somewhere between Underworld's hyper-catchy/smooth Electronica and Sinner DC's seductive Synth Gaze, Midnight Davis has found his sound. If you remember (one of the best labels ever); Output Recordings, you probably know what I mean when I say this album would fit perfectly amongst their solid discography. If you don't know anything about said label, well that sucks for you.. Just trust me when I say you'll love this album, ok?

Highly Recommended for people who like to take full advantage of their headphones.

Standout Tracks: ALL esp; In The Mood For Love, Midnight Manifesto, Equilibrium

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