Monday, October 14, 2013

REVIEW: Distel - Puur

8.25 out of 10
Find it here. 

Most of us tend to shy from the darkness, it's arcane cloak can confuse and scare us. Some of us flourish in the shadows, their ominous embodiments can excite us and bring a sense of aberrant pleasure. I believe I am a part of the latter.. Distel does us (gloom devoted) listeners a favor and fully embraces the peculiar-macabre with open arms.

I have a dare for anyone who takes the time to listen to Distel's debut LP 'Puur'.. Turn off all the lights where you are, strap on your favorite headphones and press play, try not to get spooked out. You will fail. 'Puur' is a petrifying album suffused with Experimental Electronics/morose Industrial soundscapes, and minimal eerie vocals (sometimes French, sometimes English). When listening to 'Puur' it's hard not be reminded of acts like Coil and/or possibly Autechre (and the likes). (In my opinion) From mentioning those last two comparisons my work (of enticing you into Distel's realm) is done, you should be immediately curious.. If not, you probably have no reason for visiting this site anymore. This is precisely the kind of sounds I lust over.

I'm not sure if you'll find anything more minacious sounding this year. Assuming that's your thing (that and Experimental Industrial IDM) it is absolutely crucial for you to add Distel to your collection.

Standout Tracks: (from beginning to end all tracks flow consummately) Tide, Hale, Amne, Hxxx, Sarc, Torn, Vxxx, Fand

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