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EIC's 10Q's w/ Dale Cooper & Co.

" watching/slightly celebrating the beginning of the Industrial age evolving into the great depression, in slow-motion.."

Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones
Looming Attraction

Dale Cooper & Co. Bio:
Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones are the quartet made of musicians covering a wide variety of musical styles (they are former members of Tank, Osaka, TF and ex-groove combo Loupous) creates a music that mixes electronic (samples, cuts, sound treatments) and acoustic (guitars, saxophone, trumpet). They play moody ballads that sound as if they come out from one of David Lynch’s movies. Like in the Hollywood master of bizarre pieces, there is something like a dark and poisonous colour broken by red thunderlights and blue cigarette smoke. The music spawns some odd characters and landscapes while the listener makes out some more friendly faces that loom up out of this nowhere place: the voice of Zalie Bellaccico, Milanese streets sounds, a lazy flute, some distant breathing swim on the surface of this deep troubled waters. “Parole de Navarre” is an invitation for opening the red curtain of this Dark Jazz cabaret made of shimmering and whirling walls.

Hello, how are you?
Gael: Hi! I'm fine thanks!
Yannick: I'm OK.
Christophe: Fine, thanks and you?
EIC: I'm swell, thanks for asking;]

What are you currently listening to?
G: Right now I'm listening to Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Reverso"
Y: I'm into Sacred Bones, an american label that releases very gloomy stuff.
C: Actually I'm into Arve Henriksen's world right now..

Whom or what inspired you to begin writing for this project (Dale Cooper Quartet)?
G: I think we were inspired at first by the Twin Peaks bizarre atmosphere and Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, but that was almost 10 years ago.
Y: Yes, it was our first aim. But we are now less focused on this kind of music. That's why there are singers on the last 2 albums. We just wanted to play music together as we used to be connected but we played in our different projects. There is no direction but we sometimes wonder if our music fit in the DC4tet style or not. The regular Dark Jazz recipe sometimes change and we can write long moody and ambient stuff but also short noisy songs.
C: I think the landscapes, people or atmospheres are mainly more influent than any other artists. remembering the starting point, we referred yes to Twin Peaks, or Mulholland Drive diving introduction but the recordings were only made late at night or early morning, cold coffee and cigarettes ambiance… but it was as important as the Lynch prysm.

Care to shed some info on your latest LP; theme, favorite track(s), etc?
G: This is a whole thing, each track can't be easily extracted from the entire LP, nor you can't really understand one track if you don't listen to the other tracks. the last track was finished on while we were mixing, i find it to be a great closing sequence.
Y: We are discussing  a lot about the track listing to make an original record. We decided to start with a 21 mms track as we thought that it was a perfect starting point for "Quatorze Pieces…".
C: A funny and hard record both, as we optioned various tracks first and it's funny to see where we arrived from the first ideas.. but the hardest thing is that it's a 3rd record, make the good choices without being inspired by the two first records, going ahead..

Will you be touring extensively for said release?
G: Don't know yet but I'd like to!
Y: We all have regular jobs and don't want to get bored with long tours. Meeting nice people and discovering new towns and countries is 50% of a good gig.
C: It could be easy for us to tour more, as we play 2 or 3 gigs a year;-) Then if we happen to play 5 gigs a year, we'll say it was a tour de force tour!

If you could pick any 3 artists to remix your work whom would you choose?
G: Very difficult question, why remix? I would prefer collaborations:-)
Y: Maybe electronic artists that are not making the same music as ours; Fourtet, Fuck Buttons, Pan American.
C: A very bad mainstream Jazz band.. or someone like David Sylvian as opposite.. but collaborations yeah is best..

Got any other projects we should know about?
G: My ambient work in progress: (I invite some musicians to make an album in one night, and publish it free the day after)
C: I released a first record under the name of Pan & Me last year, also released on Denovali, a second one is on its way..

What movie would work best on mute while listening to you music?
G: A road trip across Romania shot in black & white by the window of a bus.
Y: Night shots mainly I guess.
C: The movie you'll choose..

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
G: Brian Eno's 'Ambient 4: On Land'
Y: 'Hex' by Bark Psychosis.
C: 'Laughing Stock' by Talk Talk

Are you living your dream? 
G: it's like I'm having the most beautiful dream... and the most terrible nightmare, all at once.
Y: "Dreams Never End", New Order, 'Movement' 1981.
C: 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)', Eurythmics, 1983

Thanx DC&Co. and Isa!

Dale Cooper & Co. recently released THIS.. I strongly recommend you check that out;]

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