Tuesday, July 16, 2013

REVIEW: Image Circle - Mecca

8 out of 10

Image Circle is a new "side" project featuring Slow Head and Moon Mirror. On 'Mecca' (their debut) IC come across as a narcoleptic Grimes meets Aphex Twin meets Telefon Tel Aviv.

There are LOTS of layers of great samples & loops on IC's debut LP (not quite sure what the analog to digital ratio is); most of these layers & tones in-vein of Shoegaze meets Industrial meets Ambient meets IDM, which collide & glide in-between heavenly (slightly reverb-drenched) vocals. The overall vibe is "chill as f^(k meets peculiar-angelic".. Just give it a listen, you'll like what you hear.

Highly Recommended stuff here (ESPECIALLY if you like any of the names mentioned above). I can't wait to hear where this project takes it's sound in the future. (and yes, more music is coming;)

Standout Tracks: Wings, Pink Fox, Hooded Clone, Spheres (♥)

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