Monday, July 8, 2013

REVIEW: Tones Of Arc - The Time Was RIght

7.25 out of 10

It's not too often (although maybe it is kinda) that I'm in the mood for music with a "brighter-Poppier" edge (sorry I like the mopey stuff), but every once in a while a band comes along and makes me think twice of this notion. Of course the season has to be right too, and it is Summer time (where I am anyways), when I actually cherish & appreciate a good foot-stomper more.. So what better time than now to fall in love with Tone Of Arc's debut LP 'The Time Was Right'?

'The Time Was Right' is a blend of the late 90's-early 2000's "Electro sound boom" mixed with the Retro-Funk side of DFA and/or !!!/maybe Matthew Dear in particular. It sounds like mostly like live instrumentation is utilized, I'm also sure there's some sampling going on here too, the overall sound is very loose and almost Kraut/Jam-Funk based. The beats & bass lines are extremely head noddy, there are some pretty catchy keyboard riffs/melodies, the vocals are rambunctiously perfect for the music, there's also a bit of sample experimentation that really brings the whole thing together quite nicely. Mostly quaint & catchy upbeat jams here.

Check it before you wreck it Recommended n' stuff.

Standout Tracks: Love Kissed, Chalk Hill (i swear it sounds like their saying "gimme that chocolate  Pok√©mon"..), Goodbye Horses, People At The Door, Sound Sail

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