Monday, July 22, 2013

REVIEW: Misfit Mod - Islands & Islands

7.25 out of 10

From what I understand Misfit Mod's debut LP 'Islands & Islands' took a little over 4 years to assemble & fine-tune. During most of that time Sarah (MM) was bouncing back and fourth between different continents. If I had to guess, this probably has sometime to do with title of the album, it also (if I had to guess) probably had a huge influence (due to all the different natives and their land) on the different variety of sounds that are on this release. If more bands would take their time and be patient with their sound until it finally evolved into what it needs to be, they may release a strong debut just like Misfit Mod has.

Most of the songs on 'I & I' are sweetly saturated Left Field Electro Pop songs of which perfectly utilize minimal arpeggiated synths, layers & loops of (mopey meets angelic) vocals, simple drum pad beats, and just the right amount of on Avant Garde Art vibe. A little bit of a slower jam, but a good head-nodding track here and there. I'm gonna go ahead and pretend to write one more sentence to make this review look longer, OR instead you could just click away now and get an opinion of your own..

An impressive debut, I'm looking forward to Misfit Mod's next move.

Standout Tracks: Cars (I), Valleys, Unreal (R. Gonzalez meets J. Barwick?), Pool House, Cars (II)

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