Monday, July 29, 2013

REVIEW: Agent Side Grinder - Hardware (SFTWR Included!)

8 out of 10
Find it here. 

When you read about this band (Agent Side Grinder) some of the more notable comparisons are: Kraftwek, Einsturzende Neubaten, and Depeche Mode. When I read about things like that I personally become very aroused in the ear pants. With pairings like that you'd have to be pretty awesome right? (Yes, yes you would.)

'Hardware' was originally released in Europe about a year ago, in 2013 Artoffact Records re-released "the US edition" WITH bonus album 'SFTWR', (which has some great remixes btw). Side note: I'm always elated to see/hear someone bring music like this over in the states, not enough people do;] Agent Side Grinder's sound is a blend of Aggro-Industrial "EBM" meets Experimental/Jangly Krautrock Jams w/ a dash of Analog-Electronic playfulness. Catchy bass lines, great drum beats/loops, really terrific keyboard riffs, ALLLL of the great things a hardcore (early era) Wax Trax fan would dig;] Dark & Menacing tones, but very catchy/toe-tappin' as well as suited for a sunnier happier day, yet also probably cool for a late night drive as well.. Honestly, I dare you not to find at least one truly amazing/catchy track on this beast*. (*hint: you can't.)

I'll keep it, you should too.

('Hardware') Standout Tracks: Sleeping Fury, Rip Me, Wold Hour, Mag 7 (i imagine this sounding particularly amazing live), Bring It Back, Stranger Stranger (on l∞p)
('SFTWR') Standout Tracks: Stranger Stranger (Dodens Lammungar), 010-195 (Th. Tot MX), Life In Advance (CCIS Dub MX) (also on l∞p)

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