Monday, March 25, 2013

REVIEW: Vanilla - For What It's Worth

8.25 out of 10

I've been listening to Vanilla's seductive-smooth Instrumental take on Hip Hop for the past couple of years now. It seems with each new release this artist just keeps growing and evolving into his sound for the better. His latest release "For What It's Worth" is more of an unreleased/b-sides kind of deal, but honestly, these "b-sides" could easily be mistaken for "A-sides". All of the tracks on this release are "pimpn' made easy". Press play, start strutin', nod your head to the beat every once and a while, you'll get some followers eventually..

Vanilla (from what I can tell) is 90% sample driven. Between dusty 70's Funk sound, vintage underground Jazz club music, and a few nods to some Classical compositions + a few other "worldly delights"; Vanilla has something for every Hip Hop enthusiast out there. To compare him to others; think somewhere between Dabrye's earlier work meets DJ Shadow's (and/or J Dilla's) early vinyl collectin' days. Your work day is over, now just chill already, Vanilla's got what ale's ya;] (Oh! did I mention most of Vanilla's music is free?)

Word; there are few of those on this release, but that's OK 'For What It's Worth' is just too smoooooth for those to get in the way, it's also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: Azure, Days, Travels, 2gether, Wishiknew, Stuff, Rashida, To Me / Soiree, Better With U

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