Monday, March 11, 2013

REVIEW: Alek Fin - Mull

8.5 out of 10

No one since '06 has really matched/outwitted Thom Yorke's ('The Eraser') elegant & magicical I(ndie)DM sound, no one until now (where ya been Fin?).

When listening to 'Mull' it's hard not to make the obvious T. Yorke comparison. To be honest I have no shame in comparing the two, in-fact Adam Finkel (aka Alek Fin) was highly influenced by said album/artist. It's sensual futuristic synthetic air sets a mood that's sure to sooth any listener into an intellectual lull. You need albums like this to truly enjoy life more. Breezy guitar strumming, with reverb saturated kind of metallic vocals, clicks, thumps, solid bass lines, pure sonic's all there.

Jump the Fin bandwagon before it gets too full;] Highly Recommended (as in one of this year's best releases).

Standout Tracks:(i like em all) Mull & Gone

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