Saturday, March 2, 2013

EIC Premiere/REVIEW: Tangled Memories - Untwist My Hands

8 out of 10

I've said it before, I'll say it again.. sometimes (only sometimes) I think it's unfortunate how many Electronic composers are out there today.. There are just too many overlooked talents out there! Had Tangled Memories originally surfaced around the mid-late 90's Trip Hop/Electronic music boom I think it could have been one of THE standouts and possibly gained the audience it deserves. Since I first came across Tangled Memories (only a couple months ago) I've had all of Garett's (TM) work on repeat (seriously, check it.). Tangled Memories is a paradisal consolidation of Romantic-Gothc/Moody Witch House with ghostly-hazy Trip Hop, and Dark-Ambient Electronic effervescents.

Tangled Memories latest release 'Untwist My Hands' (Premiering today on EIC!) is one of the best releases of the year no-doubt.. Fog covered Electronics are "meshing/forming one with" gorgeous Classical elements (both the instrumental and vocal variety) which are of course skewed and Dragged out, familiar sounding/catchy beats (or loops) are laid out on top to give the listener a sense of narration, and then there's the vocals (which are either sample-based or recorded/distorted); possibly the most beautiful element in this masterpiece. To put it bluntly, 'Untwist My Hands' is near-perfect from beginning to end. Not one track feels out of place, the tone maintains a certain standard, and the music is really damn awesome. I can't think of one reason why you aren't liustening to Tangled Memories right now.

..and now, the EIC Premiere of Tangled Memories latest opus 'Untwist My Hands':

Standout Tracks: Without You, And Lust With Another, You're The Reason, Horrible Similarity, Never Came Close, Be Here Now (♥▲)

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