Saturday, March 23, 2013

REVIEW: Light House - In Their Image

7.75 out of 10

Thanks Honey;] I may not have found out about Light House (at least not until later) if Honey Owens (Valet/Miracles Club/Estasy/Fr333) hadn't shown me the light. I'm glad that she did, after soaking the album in enough I did a little research (not the easiest band to google mind you) and it seems Light House have been formed/semi-established for at least a little bit now. 'In Their Image' is not their debut by any means, but it seems to be the one that is most well put together/getting promoted more other than a compilation they were featured on;]. Light House may not be a household name yet, but judging them off of this hot-mopey little EP + word of mouth + the amazing talent & writing that is involved it can't be much longer before more and more people will be talking about this project.

Right off the bat this release sounds like it's going to for a moody Gothic Dream Pop-Romantic sound (something you may hear on an early 4AD release). From there the pace changes (only slightly/enough) into something a bit more modern-synthetic & futuristic. Synthesizers become the foreground, Shoegaze-esque guitar distortions fill the air with ringing passion, and of course Dawn's gorgeous/androgynous voice which sways between sensual/softly spoken speech and minor-melodical angelic hymns. In the end the final package is one of the best Gothic-Synth-Gaze acts I've heard in quite sometime and I seriously can't wait to hear where Light House take their sound next.

RIYL; Tropic Of Cancer meets Soft Metals. HIGHLY Recommended if you like music in-general;]

Standout Tracks: All pretty good really, but mainly; The Walls Want Communion, Seven Seas You Sent (LOVE this track)

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