Monday, December 26, 2011

REVIEW: Water Borders - Harbored Mantras

9.25 out of 10

For such a young label Tri Angle really has done a lot to change the game. First there was Balam Acab with their version of Moody Electronic Drag (which I heart), then there's the "Witchy"/Sample Driven o0o00 (whom I also LOVE), a few other (really awesome) acts in-between, and now Water Borders (my new favorite Tri Angle artist). Water Borders, like many of the other bands on Tri Angle seem to share the same "modern dark" thinking state of mind. However, unlike most of the acts on this bewildering label, Water Borders take cues from a few older artists as well; think Coil meets Tuxedo Moon. (stop drooling on your keyboard/fantasizing about how amazing that pairing sounds, go get this NOW.)

'Harbored Mantras' sounds emit the titles theme quite genuinely. There are lots of organic/"other worldly sounds" mixed with aural nirvana landscapes within these hypothetical lush walls. There are elements that can definitely be thrown into the Witch House/Drag genre, there are also a few No Wave (see: Tuxedo Moon) and Experimental Industrial "moments" (see Coil). What more can I say? The mood is gloomy, the sound is currently unrivaled, Water Borders fit perfectly in Tri Angles elite circle,err-umm "Triangle".

For people into dismal sound architecture, and most importantly, (maybe) for people interested in transformative states*. (*also, for people with good taste in music:) RE-COMM-END-ED/one of '11's best offerings.

Standout Tracks: What Wiwant, Feasting On Mongeese (sooooo very perfect), Seed Bank (I would love to hear an entirely new "concept movie score" made from this one song--so good.)

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