Monday, December 26, 2011

EIC'S10Q'S w/Water Borders

"..there are elements that can definitely be thrown into the Witch House/Drag genre, there are also a few No Wave (see: Tuxedo Moon) and Experimental Industrial "moments" (see Coil)..."

Water Borders
Morose Modulation Engineers

Water Borders Bio:
Making their full length debut on Tri Angle records with 'Harbored Mantras' in late 2011, Water Borders combine the murkier, washed out atmospheres of the American electronic underground with the pounding dancefloor low-end of UK bass. With the recent addition of a third member to the live band, Water Borders present a unique and physical live show eschewing the standards of laptop-based performance for a more fully
immersive and spontaneous audio/visual experience. They have shared the stage in local dates with Glasser, Delorean, Light Asylum, Salem, White Ring, Soft Moon, and oOoOO.

Hello, how are you?
(WB didn't answer this one, we'll assume they're doing great!:)

What are you currently listening to?
I'm currently listening to the guy who lives downstairs listening to the Law and Order theme song. I'm beat-matching that to the sounds of a homeless man yelling at a MUNI driver outside my window.

Whats the story with the band name?
We knew we had to have a name that operated on at least 3 levels of meaning. There is no 'story' that is interesting. To me, the symbolism and silliness of creating borders on something fluid is a nice analogy for the sounds we make as well as for our wretched social State of being. Water boarding too is a an unnecessary form of restriction and captivity. I, as water boarder and creator of the water border, accept my role in both forms of complicity.

Is it safe to assume Coil was a major influence?
Coil is a good reference point. I'm not gonna complain about being compared to one of my favorite bands. Although in private conversation you might hear a more nuanced answer.

Is there a theme on on your debut full length?

Lyrically: complicity, shame, and resolve (both personal and political) strike me as main themes. There is also an abstract moral narrative that runs through a variety of situation based scenarios, an island (feasting on mongeese), a jungle/oil field (what wiwant), an enslavement (tread on them), at the top of well as the top of the well (miners).

When and where you introduced to Tri Angle?
Our first 12'' was released by Hungry for Power in the UK, which is a label run by some of the guys from the 20 jazz funk greats blog. Robin from Tri Angle was also a writer for that blog so we were likely on his radar due to that.

Got any side projects/collabs coming up?

Always! None that are fully ready to be revealed quite yet although our newest member Matt has an amazing solo project called Usputuspud that has been hibernating for a few years but should be reemerging soon.

What movie would work best on mute while listening to your album?
The Edge of Reason

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
I never seem to grow tired of 'Forever Changes' by Love or Burial's 'Untrue'. Flip a coin.

Are you living your dream?
In my dream you and I are speaking together in person, drinking herbal tea, and playing backgammon; this interview being just an excuse for us getting to know each other better. I am not living my dream...yet
(EIC hopes to make your dream come true one day;)

Thanx WB & Nick!

Water Borders are currently working on a follow up to their debut, look for that in the near future (please?)...

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