Monday, December 19, 2011

REVIEW: La Big Vic - Actually

8.75 out of 10

What a lovely album. What a perfect meshing of Kraut Rock and Dream Pop. I absolutely adore this group and everything they are doing for music. If you haven't heard about this band, which is slightly likely seen as how "under the radar" they seemed to be for some odd reason, know this; one of them co-ran the site Altered Zones (RIP) and another member was trained by the guy who ran Pink Floyd's live sound (yep, that Pink Floyd). The range of knowledge/sounds between all three of these musicians is incredibly expansive/impressive, it only made sense that when they finally put their heads together that they would create something as stunning as this.

'Actually' is a constantly evolving album from beginning to end, each track seems to rebirth from a tiny alienistic egg into something completely/conceptually beautiful. To me when listening to this album I am constantly reminded of Mahogany's stunning debut "Dreams Of A Modern Day", only more Kraut-like, which is laid-back and euphoric mixed with a bit of "Psych weirdness". Note for note this album is amazing, not one sound, not one beat, nothing on this album is wrong.

I'm just hoping you get all the keywords mentioned above, if you do than you get that this is something you can not pass up. HIGHLY-HIGHLY-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: All, but at least check out Heyo (Silver Morning), FAO, Mr. Broken Bird, and Musica

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