Monday, November 21, 2011

REVIEW: Soft Metals - Soft Metals

9 out of 10

I'm gonna get straight to the point with this record, it's quite possibly the best piece of Electro Pop/Art ever made. Just when I thought the genre was (re)dead two up and comers arrive and completely shake up my beliefs. This album is the most perfect combination of "futuristic meets sexy" music, it's also "peppy" while (remaining) soothing but still toe tapping. Soft Metals have set the new bar in Neo Synth Pop sounds, and I don't expect many others to come close anytime soon.

I really love what Captured Tracks is doing for "yesterdays" Synth Pop scene, they've got an interesting bunch of artists that's for sure. Soft Metals, in my opinion, are the best (but jeez.. there's so many, so I don't know). To be honest their debut LP would almost sound more at home on Ghostly. In-fact, word is Jason (from Solvent) is working on a mix of some sorts for the duo, but you didn't hear that from me (or did you..are you even listening?). ::ahem:: On Soft Metals debut LP you finally get to hear the duo hone in on their trade to near audial perfection. All of those singles and EP's have all been leading up to this one (they're great, but this is better/their best). Soft Metals have perfected what yesterdays Synth Pop artists left stained on their ears so many years ago. Lots of synths, drum pads, sultry vocals, a few obscure sounds, and pure 100% "catchy goodness".

Go get this now, it's one of the year's best. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Standout Tracks: Voices, The Cold World Melts, Pain (on repeat-peat peat-peat), Do You Remember, In Throes (great ender)

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