Sunday, November 6, 2011

Check into (x2) Teichmann & Anthony Pandolfino..

Teichmann - My Nenita

& Anthony Pandolfino - How Desolate Our Home, Bereft Of Thee

Parallel ends of the electronic spectrum sometimes make great partners. Teichmann are brothers from Bavaria who are (as well as Modeselektor) responsible for the BLNRB blog. Teichmann is (a little bit) all over the board when it comes to their sound, mostly "Dancey House" I suppose, but there are some good experimental tracks HERE too. Anthony Pandolfino is a dude a from Tampa, Florida that has managed to make Drone sound far more interesting than it should. As you can hear from the player above, AP is more of an IDM artist who mastered in Drone. Both of these artists are pretty swell if you ask me;]

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