Monday, November 28, 2011

REVIEW: Julia Holter - Tragedy

8.75 out of 10

On Julia Holter's debut LP 'Tragedy', Julia holds no obscure talent/emotion back. (As far as I know) Ms. Holter first poked her head into "the scene" back in '09, she's had a bit of online hype, as well as a few "worth mentioning" artists backing her up since then. Actually, look her up, she's got quite an impressive resume thus far. Even though Julia's debut had a lot of hype I can't imagine anyone expecting something, like this, so triumphant, dainty and unbridled.

'Tragedy' is a hard to one to slap a genre on, "worldsy" and "dreamy" come to mind, bands you may hear on an early 4AD releases come to mind, so does Laurie Anderson.. But more than just a comparison, Julia has something completely unique to her as well. 'Tragedy' is based on the ancient Greek play “Hippolytus”, knowing that you should (maybe) better understand "have a feel" for what kind of emotion the music is trying to set here ("artsy & tragic"). The album starts off with a slue of "oddball" sounds/samples washed out underneath a few white noises, and eventually Julia's beseeching, yet precious voice matched with a few perplexed beats. This is mostly the same on all tracks, a bunch of soothing noises that bleed into pretty female harmonies. If you can dig that, which you can (trust me), you can dig this.

Hands down, one of the best/brightest talents to emerge from 2011. If you're looking for something "dark-obscure" with a touch of light meets commanding female artistry, look no further. Julia Holter has seriously delivered the goods here. Highly Recommended (fa sho.)

Standout Tracks: Again, with me liking all off em' ..but especially; The Falling Age (sounds like a lost This Mortal Coil track..just wait a minute:), Goddess Eyes, Celebration (Grouper meets Nite Jewel meets a David Lynch film??), So Lillies, Tragedy Finale

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