Monday, November 14, 2011

REVIEW: Teaadora - A Jamais Vierge / Virgin Forever

8 out of 10

The first time I heard about Teaadora was last year. The song "The Old One" (now known as "The Only One" (which has been shortened considerably but still sweet)) blew my mind. Absolutely stunning and awe-inspiring, as I said before "think Grouper meets Hope Sandoval". I knew I had a new-found love unfolding right before my ears, but how long must I wait for the first official release..?!..about a half-year (seemed like forever). But while I was prepping my ears for soothing seductive folklore, I had no idea what Teaadora was up to..

First off Teaadora's debut "A Jamais Vierge / Virign Forever" is not an easy listen (..or is it?), her sound is completely different from any other female musician. Teaadora mixes elements of Drone, with Neo Folk, Acid Psychedelia, Noise, Weird-Abstract Noise, and what I like to call "Blissful Bizarre". This album is Dark, with a faint "silver lined" raining cloud, it's not at all what I was expecting, but wow.. waaay better. This is more than just a beautiful voice with the unique ability to play guitar well, it's ingenuity, growing/evolving audial art. Instead of "G meets HS", think "Chelsea Wolfe" meets Current 93; Gothic-Folk Abstract-tronica. Stick with it, I swear the whole experience is worth it, somehow Ms. Teaadora has found a way to make ugly the new beautiful.

I want to recommend this for all, but instead I need to be "real" and recommend to the right set of ears with a keen interest in "e-x-p-e-r-i-m-e--n-t-a-l" sounds. I only wish more people felt the same way I felt when I heard these strange sounds that always seem to make my heart melt in the weirdest fashion. <(●)> ♥ Teaadora. (I want you to notice her.)

Standout Tracks: Don't Expect A Stradivarius (:45 in, total trance), The Only One (one of this year's BEST songs), Following The Sound (kinda reminds me of Midaircondo), Wake Up Call (so delicate)

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