Monday, February 3, 2014

REVIEW: Myyths - Tystnad

8.75 out of 10
Find it here. 

Thank you Syd & Tiffany;] Syd & Tiffany (aka Myyths) are 1/2 Fvnerals, because of a previous post this amazing duo decided to reach out to me and share something new/really special..

Mixing elements of dark & brooding Post Industrial clamor with Classical-Gothic overtones plus sparse Electronic tones mixed with Field Recorded-esque atmospheres; 'Tystnadt' is quite possibly one of the best debuts I have ever heard. Myyths may be lumped under the Witch House genre, but they're really something much more unique than just one sound. "Organic Goth Factory Tech" seems a little more appropriate if you ask me.. I feel like I haven't been this pleased with a new comer in a long time. RIYL: Zola Jesus, Ben Frost, Mustapha Mond, Chelsea Wolfe, ∆Aimon, and the likes.

So far the best new thing from 2014. Highly "I am 100% excited for this projects future" Recommended x ∞.

Standout Tracks: Lone, Whirl, Rise, Tystnad, Tide

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