Monday, February 24, 2014

REVIEW: Elise Mélinand - Gray Hoodie

8.5 out of 10
Find it here. 

One of my favorite newsletters I receive is from n5md, they tend to always manufacture some of the best ear candy. Their latest (one of many anyways); Elise Mélinand's [debut] 'Gray Hoodie', is no exception to this lasting trend. Fans of Múm and/or child-like-whimsical/cutesy Dream Pop blissed out with graceful Ambiance will adore this release.

'Gray Hoodie' is pure cinematic-audial delirium. Bells, strings, horns, haunting & playful/faded Electronic samples, and heavenly vocals battle it out for being "the most possible beautiful" they can be in their own perspective categories. Basically; every layer is a strong focal point when listening to 'Gray Hoodie', all of them very tight and conceptual. The mood swings from light & airy (most of the time) to sometimes intense/possibly darker, but the tone remains unified. Actually one of my favorite things about this release is the fluidity of the tracks, a really flawless layout I think. But the best part of this release.. it was all just to say "Thanks for letting me borrow your gray hoodie.." ..I think we can all speak for her friend when we say you're more than welcome. Oh, and if you need any other favors let us know, I/we could use another awesome soundtracked thank you.." ;]

One of the 2014's'd be a shame if you didn't dive headphone first into this beauty right now.

Standout Tracks: Indonesia Baby, Prélude En Louise, Rue Des Abbesses (∞n repeat), Eliot, Dried Leaves, La Pluie (La Plus Belle) (swn)

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