Monday, April 1, 2013

REVIEW: Implodes - Recurring Dream

8.5 out of 10

Implodes are consistently amazing, with each release their sound evolves into something more and more extravagant than previous efforts.

On 'Recurring Dream' (the now quartet) Implodes fully immerse themselves into a world of grand-morose Post-Post Rock. Starting with a menacing synth, white fuzzy noise, and a submersed/lurking bass line the tone is set (it's bleak). ..A beat begins to emerge, then guitar chords, then the atmosphere  (a particular sound environment that only Implodes have perfected--and many have tried); "Dreamy" meets "Rock-y" without sounding corny. In-fact, Implodes is exactly what I am looking for in a Rock band these days. Catchy bass lines, adrenalin pumping/mood enticing drum beats, layers (and LAYERS) of guitar noise, minimal but crucial synth use, and humble-melancholy vocals that could lull the listener to sleep under certain circumstances. Just pure sonic perfection if you ask me.

Here's my dare to you; listen to "Necronomics", if you can tell me you didn't get goosebumps I will wash your dishes for a week* (*you have to pay shipping). 'Recurring Dream' is by far my favorite Implodes release yet.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: Scattered In The Wind, Zombie Regrets, Necronomics (yummmmmmmmm), Ex Mass (*see above), Bottom Of A Well (*also see above;)

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