Monday, April 29, 2013

REVIEW: Ela Orleans - Tumult In Clouds

9 out of 10

Bands like Broadcast, Death And Vanilla, Die Jungen, and Dirty Beaches, and all of the (many more/not enough though) other "Phil Spector sounds meets Surf Pop/Vintage Psych-Rock meets Experimental Electronic" obsessed artists, have something my ears always crave; ingenuity through familiarity. Ela Orleans' sounds sway between that notion with a cinematic flair, + 50's/60's Contemporary Jangle/Surf Pop, "weird" Ambient-Noise, to honestly whatever shes in the mood for. In my humble opinion Ela is a bit of a genius.

Beginning with a catchy drum loop, dark drones, ominous strings and reverb drenched vocals Ela Orleans sets a very bizarre mood for 'Tumult In Clouds'. Expect to hear anything from white noises to odd tv/cinematic samples + lo-fi vintage/modern drum beats that flutter and bend between bizarre bass lines. Add some "slow-mystical" Folk music into the mix, a few video game samples, Experimental/Electronic Psych-type atmospheres, and a few other nuances I'm sure I'll notice the more and more I listen to this. It all adds up to be amazing. "In The Night" which is quite possibly one of the best homage Surf/Jangle Pop tracks I have ever heard, has been on repeat for me for a while now. "Rolling Waters" is one of the most gorgeous compositions I've ever laid ears on. 'Tumult In Clouds' is a very twisted listening adventure with lots of found treasures along the way. After one listen I think you'll know why I consider Ela Orleans to be such a masterful sound sculpting genius.

It's hard to say where to specifically start with Ms. Orleans enchanting body of work..(I like 'Lost' a lot, as well as 'Beko00', but I'm also a huge fan of 'Tumult.." now) ..just try em all;]! Highly Recommended.

Standout Tracks: All Men (this reminds me of Meat Beat Manifesto..kinda), In The Night (PERFECTION.), A Jealous Lover, Leopard, Light At Dawn (like Broadcast?), Longing, Nocturne (heart-wrenching), Risky Trip To The Underworld, Rolling Waters (PERFECTION.), This Is (PERFECTION.), Tumult In Clouds

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