Monday, April 22, 2013

REVIEW: Gliss - Langsom Dans

8.75 out of 10

Gliss have returned (again) and are in top notch form (yet again), even more triumphant & breathtaking sounding than before. The sad thing is.. I have this oddly familiar feeling that this will be one of those albums that goes highly overlooked (truly is your loss for not seeking this out). Pretending it doesn't though (fingers crossed) I imagine this album being on many year-end lists (all the good ones anyways).

On 'Langsom Dans' Gliss meld equal parts "cinematic ominous" with "subconscious alter-reality". It's like a nightmare drenched in bliss if you can imagine that. The gloomy to bright guitars sway between Dark Psych Rock and Post Pop Surf. The drums (both sampled and real) are pounding a purely satisfying rhythm that you desire in every truly great Pop song. The vocals, oh my the vocals..beautiful as always. Mostly female driven on this release, but with just enough counterpart thrown into the mix every once in a while when needed. The whole thing comes with nearly flawless productiosn and really well written jams, damn catchy jams. I dare you to listen to this album just once and not find at least 2-3 tracks that you are now obsessed with. Gawd, I can only imagine how amazing this album would sound live..

If Beach House wanted to release a dark album it might sound something like this, I would also strongly recommend 'Langsom Dans' to Spc Eco (and/or the like) fans as well if that helps you connect the dots.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: A To B, Blur, Hunting (on repeat [see. 91]), Waves, Through The Mist, In Heaven

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