Monday, December 17, 2012

REVIEW: Eskimeaux - s/t

8.25 out of 10

..Thanks Ben (Br'er) I appreciate the share/exposure..;] (Eskimeaux is in-fact a "sort-of side-project" of Br'er's in-case you were wondering..) You can certainly hear some of Ben's signature macabre-mechanical sounds behind Eskimeaux's "official debut", but/plus on top of that lays Gabrielle's ethereal-charming female voice meshing the entire experience together in a manner that only this duo could conjure up. There really aren't too many other artists that sound like this right now (that's a shame too:[.)

Gabrielle Smith's voice is "pitch perfect charming meets delicate meets highly trained/easily agreeable with most listeners". Every tone that comes out of her mouth sounds eternally endearing and honest. Benjamin Schurr's sampling, beats, back-up vocals/other instrumentation gives this record an incredibly unique approach to "modern Indie Folk" music. Them together brings to mind Vashti Bunyan meets Current 93, maybe T. Reznor..

Eskimeaux will warm your heart..there, I said it. (Do NOT pass this album up!)

Standout Tracks: Untitled Pt 1, Angels Angels (PERFECTION.), Littoral, Bear Strength, Curses (PERFECTION pt.II.)

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