Monday, December 24, 2012

REVIEW: Edward Ka-Spel - Ghost Logik

8 out of 10

"..nothing logical there. I’m repeating myself like that missing moment, like that lost soul. Trapped in a loop, mocking time itself, mocking all we are, everything we value, everything we believe in. Do you believe in ghosts? hell yeah…. BOOOOO” ~Edward Ka-spel

I wish I could say I've heard/own everything that The Legendary Pink Dots have been involved in, but that would be a lie. I LOVE everything I have heard (particularly 'The Maria Dimension'), but even coming across this solo album of LPD co-founder Edward Ka-Spel was a sort-of happy accident/find.

Blending equal parts ghostly-psychedelic atmospheres, with micro-Jazz bass lines, outer body vocals, absurd lyrics, and a few decaying mechanical dins; Edward Ka-Spel's 'Ghost Logik' is one of the better dark albums I have come across in recent years. I know I make this comparison (A LOT), but I just can't help myself (after all they may be my favorite band of all time), this album sounds a lot like something Coil might do. 'Ghost Logik' however is a bit more noisey at parts, a little more atmospheric, and perhaps a bit more subconscious morose. To put it bluntly; I need more music like this.

Fans of LPD probably already own this (if you don't you should), fans of Dark, weird, Experimental, Industrial, Jazz-y, Coil, etc. you should probably own this too. Recommended!

Standout Tracks: Throwing Things, Favourite Things Parts 1-3, The Bunker

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