Monday, December 3, 2012

EIC's 10Q's w/ Rone

"..a glorious-epic blazing trail of 5th dimensional Space traveling sounds.."

Sanguine Transfixture Voyage

Rone Bio:
Behind Rone there is Erwan Castex, French producer of Electronic music.  Working originally as a filmmaker, he composes his first music creations between two shoots. His works, going from Experimental Techno to melodic Ambient, soon grab the attention of the the most receptive ears: Massive Attack, Ellen Allien, Laurent Garnier, Pantha du Prince, dj Hell, James Holden, and furthermore Agoria, who brings him to light in the cult compilation "At the controls". The compositions draw the interest of Parisian label InFiné.

Hello, how are you?
Fine! I’m obviously really excited! After a long stretch of sitting alone in the studio, releasing the album is a very intense moment. I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation. And I’ll also get to play my new tracks live, which is always magical, because they take on another dimension when played live. I can re-invent them endlessly.

What are you currently listening to?
Various remixes from tracks of my new album which I'm gradually getting in : Dominik Eulberg's, then another one by Blind Citizen Digital... it's always funny to listen to my own music reworked by somebody else.

Care to tell us a little bit about your latest album? What is the overall theme, likes & dislikes?
I called this album Tohu Bohu* because I have the feeling it’s the result of a a big chaos that’s been tamed. A lot of ideas sprung up when I left Paris for Berlin, changing cities and life style must have triggered something very creative in me, which I had to deal with. I produced lots of tracks, good ones and less good ones, it went in all directions. The difficulty was to organize this little mess.  * ‘Commotion’ in French

I especially LOVE the track you did with Gaspar Claus, how did this song/collaboration come about?
Gaspar is an old friend. He's a unique cello player, very open minded; he likes to experiment with new things. We often played together, but always in an improvised way... For example, he once invited me to join him in a little club in Brooklyn to play with his friends Sufjan Stevens or the guys from The National. We've been planning to record something together for a long time, and I thought that track was the right one for the occasion.

Any plans to tour for said release?
Yes, I'm going to tour around Europe, and then I hope also to also tour Asia and the US.

Got any other projects we should know about?
I'll work on the soundtrack of a film directed by my friend Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka, who's responsible for the artwork of my new album. With Studio Fünf (who directed the video for "So So So") we also work on the visual side of my live shows, with videos and lights. I'll also do some remixes and of course, produce new tracks.

Speaking of soundtracks.. What movie would work best on mute while listening to you music?
It would probably have to be an intergalactic road-movie, in which the hero would complete a journey of self-discovery ending up in a beautiful love story. But I haven't found that movie yet... any suggestions?

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Today I would say 'The Well Tempered Clavier', by Glenn Gould.... but if you ask me the same question tomorrow I would probably pick a totally different kind of album.

Are you living your dream?
If I was living the life I dream of, I would dream of my life... Fortunately I have many other dreams! ;)

Thanx Matthew and Erwan!

Rone is currently touring Europe, with any luck (hopefully) the US will follow shortly after...

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