Monday, December 10, 2012

REVIEW: Altar Eagle - Nightrunners

8 out of 10

(as mentioned before) One of my favorite places to discover "new/unheard" music is Boomkat (I'm sure you've come across this site before). One day while conducting a massive search party for sparkly original talent I came across Altar Eagle. Their new album at the time was 'Mechanical Gardens', the duo's (husband & wife) previous release before this one. Their sound was described as "..a more experimental/hazy My Bloody Valentine.." or something of that nature, I sort of agree(d) (for the most part), but I also hear(d) bits of High Places and/or A Sunny Day In Glasgow. Either way (you should know from all of those awesome name drops) I ended up listening to the album A LOT, and of course I still revisit it whenever I get a moment. Flash forward two years later and here we are..

On 'Nightrunners', their 3rd release, Altar Eagle explore their sound even more, diving head first into a bath of sun-bleached euphoric Dream Gaze that really is just as refreshing as their last album, if not more.. Although I mentioned a few comparisons above, I really do love this band's unique approach to sound and I think their doing something no other artist is really doing right now..(not many/enough anyways) No real "theme" or meaning, just let the music's meant to be personal, visit your own emotions evoked from said sound. Synthesizer, samplers, drum pads, guitar distortions, and narcotic female vocals (just the type I like;), all of the songs/personal noise experiences on 'Nightrunners' feel more complete, they sound & feel much more diverse, and you can tell the Brad & Eden feel very competent in what they are doing. I can only imagine how awesome this would be live ( bad they don't really tour that ofter:[) ..till then, we've always get these bits of audio candy to wrap our brains around. Keep it up AE, I like you style;]

Jangly, dreamy, psychedelic, hazy, and wonderfully beautiful. Just a few words to describe Altar Eagle. Recommended (fa'sho!)

Standout Tracks: Piglette, Parallel Lives, No Spring Til Summer (guaranteed to be one of the most unique Dream Pop songs you'll ever hear), Fledgling, New Designs

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