Monday, October 22, 2012

REVIEW: James & Evander - Bummer Pop

7.25 out of 10

Anyone that openly admits Dntel and/or Postal Service as a source of inspiration will (most of the time) be cool with me. James & Evander started making music/jamming only a few years ago as roommates (both of whom have a love for all things Tamborello). Slowly it turned into a full time gig (so to speak), and from there the duo released 'Bummer Pop', a very strong debut that does indeed live up to it's "origins".

For the most part 'Bummer Pop' is a "warm-weather" Indie Pop record, but within these glowing walls lays breezy undertones and playful Electro Pop beats mixed with elements of Spacey Dream Pop. From the get-go the album throws the listener full throttle into a majestic voyage through colourful galaxies, "Ambigamy", the album opener/first single, is by far one of the catchier tracks I've heard all year. The album's flow maintains a peppy attitude through out with nothing "too in your face" or out of place, a few chill pieces, a few spacey vibes, and a lot of kind sounds. Actually, "absolute & bright" sounds like the best way to describe J & E's sound..

I probably should have written about this when it came it (May '12), it was very fitting for the season. A nice late Spring/Early Summer release, a "roll the windows down, let the sun shine, worry about nothing" kind of album. I don't know, maybe you're one of the lucky few that live in one of those "warm/awesome weather all the time" kind of places? If so press play and let the music guide you.. No matter where you live though just check it out, you won't regret it. PS You should also invest (it's free) in the remix album..

Standout Tracks: Ambigamy, The Creative Process, CTSOF, How It Feels, Nostalgia (so good)

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