Monday, October 8, 2012

REVIEW: Aspidistrafly - A Little Fable

8.75 out of 10

Though they haven't quite "crossed-over" seas yet, when and if they do Aspidistrafly are poised to be one of the most memorable/favorite Neo Classical/Folk artists of all time. I wish I knew so much more/had it all, but (so far anyways) the only album I own is 'A Little Fable' (the group's second LP), this is so much more than a current love/aural obsession though. There is something soothing and warm here that begs to tuck you in. Sounds like these make me wish I lived near/owned a cabin, I can only imagine how amazing this record would sound late at night with nothing but a flickering light off in the background somewhere.. Actually, does anyone have a cabin I can borrow?

'A Little Fable' begins with a faint drone melting into crisp/melancholy violin, followed by white noise and then... Track 2 "Landscape With A Fairy", a song so crushingly beautiful it'll make you weep. A "smokey Vashti Bunyan" with a few "modern" productions (think "Micro Black Shoegaze") comes to mind.. If piano, and most of it's other classical counterparts generally please you, you will love this. If pastoral Folk music puts you at ease, you will love this. If you're looking for perfect upcoming "seasonal ambiance", you WILL love this. This album actually came out almost a year ago (Dec. '11), but it's been on constant rotation for me, and now that the colder/more calming weather is on it's way my love has been reborn (again).

Get lost in the woods, lay down & look up, press play (I assume you brought your mp3 player and headphones..), and never stop staring at the sky.. Something that is more gorgeous than gorgeous is about to reveal itself. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: Landscape With A Fairy, Homeward Waltz, Cocina, Sea Of  Glass, Countless White Moons ..nm.. ALL.

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